5 Reasons To Host A Party In Your Garden Shed

If going out in town isn’t your thing, or if it is and you’re just getting a bit tired of the taxis and the hustle and bustle of it all, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Hosting a party in your garden may make most people shudder, as the thought of all those feet treading on your newly cutgrass or the potential  mess in the morning spring to mind. But it needn’t be that way. This guide is going to give you five good reasons for hosting your own shed party and how it can be kept in order!


You Can Design Your Own Club

It doesn’t have to be a shed. It can be a gazebo or a cabin if you have one! But think of the fun you can have decorating any of those the way you want to.

There are some great deals online for gorgeous fairy lights to give it that enchanting look. Whether you want to keep it simple with some normal bulbs strung around your plants, or whether you want to give it a bit of a theme and go for flowers or even beach houses, it’s up to you!

You could also invest in some new cutlery and plates if you’re going to go for a theme. Some tikki glasses for a Hawaiian theme or some wine glasses for a more sophisticated garden party.

Your Favourite Songs All Night.

There’s nothing worse than going into a club and hearing song after song that you don’t like or don’t know. If you have your own party, you can make your own playlist for you and your friends to enjoy.

You could make an old school playlist to bring up memories from when you were younger or just make a playlist of all of your current favourites.

If you’re having a themed party, you could look up some songs to fit that theme. Again if it’s Hawaiian, you could find some luau music to bring that tropical feel to your garden.

Your Favourite Drinks On Tap

Buying drinks from a supermarket in bulk is so much cheaper than buying one drink at a time in a club. So get in all your favourite spirits and wines and enjoy drink after drink without constantly counting your change to make sure you have enough for a taxi.

There are also tips online on how to build your own home bar simply and easily. This will make sure that there aren’t bottles all over your garden in the morning!

Games and competitions

If the party is in your garden, you can play drinking games freely to get the spirit up. A quick look online will bring up thousands of drinking games but here are some popular ones for you to play.

I Have Never: one person states something they have never done, e.g. ‘I have never gone skinny dipping.’ Each person that has done this activity will then take a sip of his or her drink. This is an excellent chance to bring up any embarrassing secrets that somebody may be hiding!

Ring of Fire: the rules for this game are very simple and can be found online. All you need is a deck of cards and a jug for the centre of the table.

Your Type Of People

The great thing about house parties is that everybody there is somebody you like. Having a party surrounded by loved friends and family is a lot better than being pushed and shoved all night by total strangers.

Beds Only A Step Away

When the party is over, you don’t need to worry about stopping a taxi, as your bed is just a step away!

If you have any other good reasons for hosting a garden party in your shed, please share them in the comments section below.