Balcony Gardens: Beautifying Small Spaces

Balcony gardens are the solution for people who want a bit of nature but live in the city, in a condo or apartment. Surely there is space, but there isn’t any area large enough to set-up a garden. The best solution is to have a container garden that could fit in a balcony or any small area for that matter.

Balcony gardens are quite common in cities with condominiums and apartments. There isn’t much space with these types of homes so most residents who want a piece of nature in their abodes opt to have balcony container gardens instead. Putting flowering plants, herbs and small trees are ideal for balcony gardening, and they surely beautify small corners and spaces.

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Some Tips For Balcony Gardening

Because balcony gardening does not require large spaces, you need to look for plants that can survive and can adapt small areas. Shrubs, plants and trees of different height are good for narrow or long balconies. You can also create points of interest in your balcony garden by grouping flowering plants by color and shape.

If you are applying container gardening, use repetition for specific plant groups and use flowering plants for accents. Don’t be afraid to use larger plants and make sure they have different heights, sizes, colors and shapes to add texture to your balcony garden.

Different size planters of various shapes and colors will also add texture and depth to your balcony garden design. You should also consider the look of your balcony garden from the inside of your home that can also add beauty for the interiors of your abode. You can either go the DIY way or purchase a vertical planter or garden system that can fit in a tight space.

During cold weather, you can transfer your planters inside your home. Just arrange them near the window and balcony door so they can get some sunshine from the inside.

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Setting up a balcony garden is not so difficult. You only need to think of the best plants and trees to use for your small space, and make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep your balcony still accessible and spacious for the plants and trees to grow. Balcony container gardens require sunshine, water, fertile soil and a little TLC to thrive.

You may also use fertilizers at least once a month. Weeding won’t be much of a problem for your balcony gardens, but do check on your plants from time to time to make sure they are healthy. Watering your balcony garden plants also require more frequency than normal garden plants. Have a water hose available and attached to the nearest faucet to keep you from taking buckets to and from the house.

Balcony gardens are a little piece of nature that you can grow and keep for a long time. Just make sure you tend your plants regularly to keep them healthy and thriving all year long.