Saving Money with a New Energy Plan

I wanted to find more info on Texas energy companies before making a decision on which one I wanted to switch to. I was pretty excited that I even had this opportunity as most people are stuck with whatever is in their area. Here in Texas though, energy is deregulated, which means that we are able to choose the companies that we want to provide the energy into our homes and businesses. I have always had the same company since first moving here nearly 10 years ago, but I was ready for a change.

I never do anything without researching, which is why I wanted to go to each website and learn about the energy plans and rates. Continue reading Saving Money with a New Energy Plan

Instead of Vacationing at the Place We Liked, We Decided to Move There

Have you ever went on vacation and wish you could move there? I know that a lot of people want a beachfront home, but I like trees and lawns. I like sunshine and lots of it too. My wife and I liked visiting Georgia on vacation so much that we found ourselves looking for apartments for rent in Sandy Springs GA one year. We could not afford a vacation home, but we could afford a vacation apartment. We learned that there are place that have short-term leases as well as your standard year lease apartments. We have rented cabins and other places to stay at on our vacations. We hit the road on the first day after school lets out and do not go back to our place until late August before the new school year begins.

We really like Sandy Springs, Georgia. We like the city and the skyline that has the Concourse buildings. Continue reading Instead of Vacationing at the Place We Liked, We Decided to Move There

Saving Money on My Energy Bill

When my one sister told me that she changed her energy provider thanks to our other sister, I was a bit confused. She told me that she got information from this source our oldest sister had told her about, and she was surprised to see that she was able to save some money. Since I am all about saving money where I can too, I asked her for the same information. She gave me the website address for a company that describes each company that provides energy for Texans. The really nice thing about this site is that the information is comprehensive rather than just a small blurb about each company. Continue reading Saving Money on My Energy Bill

Switching Electricity Providers Never Made Sense to Me Until Now

I never paid much attention to those people going around trying to sell me another energy provider. I had the same one we had since we bought this house. I saw no reason to change. I was skeptical about the savings they were claiming. I hear them talking about my per kilowatt hour rate, and I had a vague idea of what they were talking about. I knew it was the form the electric company used to charge me. Comparatively it is like the gallons of water on our water bill. On a whim I looked at Reliant Energy and their rates to see how they stacked up with what I was paying. I was quite surprised.

The first thing I did after that was look at the fine print. I was looking for minimum usage, and found out we use that much electricity every single month anyway. I looked at the contract terms and found that we could be penalized if we left them early. Why would I? They were much cheaper for electricity than the company we were already paying. Continue reading Switching Electricity Providers Never Made Sense to Me Until Now