Coloring Your Garden With Coleus Plants


I’ve featured the Mayana or Coleus plant in my blog posts several times because it is my current favorite. And because it is somewhat elusive here in our area, I kept on searching for other variants as this plant has lots of varieties based on its size and colorful foliage.

For those who are afraid of growing ornamental flowering plants, the Mayana or Coleus plant is a great alternative. With its colorful leaves, you can truly add life and interest in your garden design. If you are a DIY-er and wouldn’t mind mixing and matching plants in your garden, it is best to arrange your Coleus collection together in one area where there is ample shade.

If you have other shade-loving plants, you can scatter your Coleus plants to break the monotonous ‘green’ color scheme. Even without flowering plants, you can truly make an eye-catching garden that’s also easy to maintain and propagate.


Coleus plants I have yet to find locally. Look at the variety of colors!  They’re so beautiful.

coleus rainbow mix
coleus wizard scarlet
coleus wizard jade
coleus rainbow
coleus rainbow
coleus wizard velvet red
coleus wizard velvet red
coleus black dragon

Some helpful tips:

If you live in the Philippines or any hot and humid region, it is best to keep these plants in a semi- to a fully shaded area as the plant tends to wilt under the hot searing sun.

Rainy season can also be a problem for the Mayana plant. So it is ideal to grow them in containers and pots to easily keep them away from heavy rains. If ever you have planted them in your lawn or garden beds, it is best to propagate them in pots for backup.

Coleus is also a popular plant in the US and Europe. They usually grow these plants as annuals and they thrive even in the cooler regions. Winter may damage these plants, but there are varieties which can survive if cut and kept indoors during this season.

Propagating the Mayana plant:

It is easy to propagate Mayana plants through cuttings. However, it is ideal to cut mature plants that have been growing in your garden for several weeks to a few months. You can simply cut a mature stem and place it in water to root. You may add rooting hormone if you like, but plain water is just fine.

Propagating by planting seeds is also easy and inexpensive. Just follow the packet instructions for planting Coleus seeds.

Pinching off the tips of Coleus plants is also recommended. This promotes ‘bushiness’ and branching.

Caring for Mayana plants is easy if you know what it needs. You can simply follow these helpful tips and your own experience in growing this plant in your garden.

Here’s a short but very informative video about Mayana or Coleus plants: