Make The Most Of Your Outside Space


Spring is the perfect time to host a garden party. But what do you do if you have a less than gigantic garden area? Fortunately, there are many clever ways to make a small or medium garden feel larger and more attractive. Here are some tips to help a small garden feel more spacious.

Raised beds

If you have limited space, raised beds can provide a great way to create the illusion of more space. They will also give you more space for growing flowers and vegetables, thereby leaving the central area clear for parties. You can even plant low hedges along the outside of the beds to disguise the frames and add more green, which will make your little garden look more lush.

Let the ivy grow

An ivy-covered wall can add depth and life to the border of your garden. Set up a trellis or wires to get the ivy to grow in an attractive design.

Use the right decorations

Using the right artwork and decorations will help dress up your garden and detract attention from the size of the space. For example, you can create a Mediterranean theme by painting the walls blue and hanging up decorative mosaics, while planting herbs like lavender and basil. Or, go for a natural, wild look by displaying interesting carvings of driftwood. Either way, choosing a few colors and decorations will add style to a smaller garden. Just be careful not to add too many knick-knacks, or else your garden will feel cramped.

Add a bench

To add more seating without the clutter of extra garden furniture, you can add an attractive bench that can be set up along the sidelines to add extra seating for a party. When you don’t need it, the bench won’t be in the way. It can also serve as garden decoration on its own, adding its own style and beauty to a garden. You can even incorporate a bench into a raised bed of flowers to make it serve a purpose in your garden’s design while also providing seating space.

A floating deck

A floating deck in the center of your garden will not only provide an attractive wooden base, but will also give the illusion of more space because all of the plants and flowers will be confined to the borders of the deck. It can also make it easier to clean up after a party, since all you’ll need to do is run a broom along the floor.

Choose the right furniture

While garden furniture will definitely be a must if you want to host parties, too much of the wrong type can make the garden feel cramped. Instead, look for a few high quality pieces that can be folded up and stored when not in use, allowing you to use the space even when the furniture is not needed.

What are some other ways you can make your garden seem bigger? Sound off in the comments below!