Balcony Gardens: Beautifying Small Spaces

Balcony gardens are the solution for people who want a bit of nature but live in the city, in a condo or apartment. Surely there is space, but there isn’t any area large enough to set-up a garden. The best solution is to have a container garden that could fit in a balcony or any small area for that matter.

Balcony gardens are quite common in cities with condominiums and apartments. There isn’t much space with these types of homes so most residents who want a piece of nature in their abodes opt to have balcony container gardens instead. Putting flowering plants, herbs and small trees are ideal for balcony gardening, and they surely beautify small corners and spaces. Continue reading Balcony Gardens: Beautifying Small Spaces

10 Great Backyard Plants For The Desert

If you are looking for the ultimate way to spruce up your yard, installing some climate-friendly plants can be a great addition to your landscape arsenal. The weather in the desert is dry most of the year, although we do get quite a bit of rainfall during the summer months due to Monsoon season. That being said, you will want to make sure to select the right types of plants that will be suitable all year-round. That way, you won’t have to spend more time and money than you need to. When it comes to making a big impact with a small backyard renovation, any professional desert landscape design company will tell you that plants are the way to go. Desert-friendly plants are a low-maintenance option that can really make a space stand out and inviting. Continue reading 10 Great Backyard Plants For The Desert

5 Hot Garden Design Ideas For The 2015 Landscaping Season

Private Garden at Sunset
Private Garden at Sunset

After many weeks of dull grey weather, the summer has finally arrived in Britain. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everyone’s gardens are glowing in green – but what about your garden?

If your garden looks more like a building site or a wild jungle, then it’s not the end of the world as the 2013 landscaping season has landed and now is the perfect time to be out getting your fingers green sorting out your garden.

Here’s your mini guide to 2015’s 5 hot garden design ideas:

Create a mini allotment

Us Brits love to grow our own fruit and veg in allotments in our local area. But what about creating your own mini allotment in your garden? Allotments are a fantastic idea for British gardens, especially during the summer as the long days and hot temperatures provide perfect conditions for growing food (plenty of sunlight and heat). And their not only functional; their also a great design idea as well as the growing fruit and veg really brings your garden to life.

You can create your own miniature allotment in the corner of your garden quickly and easily. All you’ll need is a spade, some soil, some wood and plenty of elbow grease.  And with weather like this, what better things have you got to do than to fix up your garden so that you can enjoy it for the rest of the summer?

Create a Mediterranean dining area

Another hot design idea for gardens this year is creating your own Mediterranean-style dining area. Mediterranean-style gardens are bright, clean and contemporary with strong architectural features and mix of plants. By creating your own Mediterranean-style dining area in your garden you can eat alfresco every night pretending that you’re in the south of France or northern Italy.

So if you can’t afford to go on holiday this summer why not bring the continent to you with a Mediterranean-style dining area?

Install an outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are the epitome of contemporary garden design in 2013. And with the weather like ours, you just don’t know how long the good weather’s going to last so an outdoor fireplace will keep you warm outside all summer long, whatever the weather.

In order to cater for individual differences in tastes and preferences, outdoor fireplaces are available in both log and gas form. Gas fireplaces are good for small gardens in the city as they don’t produce any smoke and log fireplaces are perfect for the more rural gardens.

Purchase a Pergola

Pergolas are another hot garden design idea for 2013. Pergolas and arches are great for providing some much-needed shade in sunny gardens- they’re also great for presenting a cool and comfortable seat to sit and read.

Pergolas also bring together different areas of the garden so they’re perfect for uniting gardens that can appear to be mix matched. Don’t forget to purchase some plants and trees to decorate the pergola with- climbing flowers are ideal here.

Create an outdoor lounge area  

Another hot design trend for gardens in 2013 is to create a lounge area outside. It seems that we just love to lay out in the sun in the summer and be as comfortable as we would be laying on the sofa in front of the TV.

An outdoor lounge area can be simply achieved by purchasing a day bed, a pair of comfortable sun recliners or a hammock. These contemporary outdoor furniture items come in many different styles, colours and designs so there is one to suit everyone regardless of their personal preferences and tastes.

Continue reading 5 Hot Garden Design Ideas For The 2015 Landscaping Season

5 Reasons To Host A Party In Your Garden Shed

If going out in town isn’t your thing, or if it is and you’re just getting a bit tired of the taxis and the hustle and bustle of it all, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Hosting a party in your garden may make most people shudder, as the thought of all those feet treading on your newly cutgrass or the potential  mess in the morning spring to mind. But it needn’t be that way. This guide is going to give you five good reasons for hosting your own shed party and how it can be kept in order! Continue reading 5 Reasons To Host A Party In Your Garden Shed