Possible Scenarios For The Future Of Urban Gardening

Ladies and gentlemen… The future is here… Well, it’s technically not here yet, because, you know, that’s why it’s called a future… It sounds much better in commercials and it makes as little sense as here, when you think about it. My point is that the future is closer than you think. Urban gardening isn’t a new concept, but with the rapid urbanization and overpopulation of the world, what does the future hold for urban agriculture? Let’s find out the potential of this amazing endeavor.urban-balcony-garden

The potential

Urban agriculture has a huge potential for some obvious reasons, as well for some unseen side effects. First of all, it will make the cities of the future much more self-sustainable because of the quantity of produce. Right now the the crops people gather from urban gardening are negligible, but it won’t be so in the future with the development of technologies. Growing vegetables in skyscrapers is not as far-fetched as it sounds. It’s been done right now and it will become a much more powerful trend in the future. This will significantly reduce the price of products obtained employing this method, because it will cut transportation costs a lot. Such a venture would also provide work for many people in the city as the industry grows.

Another benefit would be cleaner air because of all the plants being grown in the city. We still don’t feel it that much because we don’t change our setting frequently, but the polluted air in the city causes serious damage to our respiratory systems. When you go in the mountain (or somewhere beyond urban pollution) you feel that this was the way you were supposed to breath all along. That’s why urban gardening not only has a future, but it’s an idea full of potential, promising some interesting changes to the city life.



Technological improvements

Rooftop gardening is not unheard of, but the more time passes and technologies advance, the more the potential of growing your garden variety vegetables anywhere increases. Soon will be able to create promising artificial environments which will lead to much more and easier production, essentially cutting the prices even more. This is good news indeed, because the population of the Earth is rapidly increasing so everything we do in order to improve the overall situation counts.

In the future, it’s possible that every neighborhood (or even every building) will have its own urban garden that will sustain it. Of course, that solves only a part of the overall problem, but that’s better than nothing. It will bring the people together in a attempt to find a solution to many issues regarding the way they live. This only proves that when we work together, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve. Sadly, the technology is still very limited, and even though there are urban gardens already developed, seeing this on a grander scale is much more likely in the future than it is today.