Switching Electricity Providers Never Made Sense to Me Until Now

I never paid much attention to those people going around trying to sell me another energy provider. I had the same one we had since we bought this house. I saw no reason to change. I was skeptical about the savings they were claiming. I hear them talking about my per kilowatt hour rate, and I had a vague idea of what they were talking about. I knew it was the form the electric company used to charge me. Comparatively it is like the gallons of water on our water bill. On a whim I looked at Reliant Energy and their rates to see how they stacked up with what I was paying. I was quite surprised.

The first thing I did after that was look at the fine print. I was looking for minimum usage, and found out we use that much electricity every single month anyway. I looked at the contract terms and found that we could be penalized if we left them early. Why would I? They were much cheaper for electricity than the company we were already paying. I thought I was being loyal to my local electric company, but I found out they had sold out three or four times since we moved here. They just kept operating under the same name.

So, now instead of relying on what I thought was correct information, I actually had correct information to make an informed decision to switch to Reliant Energy as our electricity provider. I am not going to let my biases affect my judgment in the future. I will switch again if the price and details of the contract are lower somewhere else. Seriously, if our own local electricity provider has sold out three or for times, then our loyalty should be to the lowest price for electricity.