Top 10 Backyard Projects For The Weekend

Backyard Projects For The Weekend

Does your backyard need some sprucing up? Are you feeling adventurous and needing to tackle a project? Well, with a little creativity and a weekend, or two, you can build a backyard project to make the area more enjoyable for family and friends.

The following list of projects is meant to spur your creativity and imagination:

Wash tub planter

Purchasing planters from garden centers and big box retailers can get expensive. So check out yard sales and antique shops and pick up a wash tub or two. Drill holes in the bottom and you have a custom-made planter! You can leave the tub natural for an old-time nostalgic look or make the planter bold with paint and other decorations.

One-pot vegetable garden

Use your wash tub planter to plant a one-pot garden. Pick a theme for your garden, such as a favorite vegetable, and grow several varieties. Or grow a “pasta” garden using tomatoes, basil and chives. Consider several themed gardens if you use more than one planter.


Your family and guests have to get around the yard somehow. Build a pathway and give them a great area to walk one. You can make this project as complex as you like using cobble stones and such, but a stepping stone path with path gravel as a base will work just fine.

Stone patio

A stone patio really makes a statement in your yard. There are a plethora of materials in many colors and textures so you have a wide range of choices here. Smaller stones are easier to fool with but the job will be more time consuming. Bigger stones make the job faster but they are heavier. The biggest part of this project is the base you will have to lay down.

Stain a wooden deck

The deck can get worn out looking in a hurry. Taking the time to stain your deck will not only improve its look but will protect the wood also. There are many colors to choose from in deck stains so pick one that enhances and complements your home.

Raised-bed garden

Raised beds make gardening much easier, especially on your back. They provide excellent drainage that will help you grow great plants. You can build your own using 2″ X 6″ lumber and 4″ x 4″ timbers or you can buy a kit.

Vertical garden tower

If you don’t have a whole lot of space for a garden don’t worry … grow up! A vertical garden tower uses a small footprint and can grow a lot of plants.

Outdoor chandelier

Get rid of those old utilitarian looking lights and fabricate an outdoor chandelier. Place some mason jars with tea lights in a wire basket. Throw on some ornamentation and you have a nice light fixture.

Tool hideaway

Keep your tools close by and also out of sight. Buy an mailbox that fits your yard decor and use it to hold your tools. Position the mailbox close to your back door or a path.

Natural garden teepee (tipi)

This inexpensive structure is easy to build and serves a great purpose in your garden. It makes beans and other veggies that grow on it easier to harvest and serves as a focal point in the garden. Use branches you find in your yard if possible.

These projects are great ones to try and they may even conjure up other ideas. Use your imagination and come up with some great ideas for your backyard. Make your own project and make a statement!

Image by Martin Cathrae and licensed through Creative Commons.