What Your Garden Says About You

garden says

This is the wholly dedicated gardener always on the lookout for the next gardening trend, and this commitment is manifested in their well-groomed lawns. A display of flowerpots, bold hedging and a whole array of home-grown veggies are a few of many gardening wonders that you would expect to see. The pruning warrior is a spender. Money, time and effort have been generously spent and the result makes no secret of this.

Eclectic Collector

This gardener sees his garden as an area to showcase his quirky gnome or statue collection. Plants and shrubbery, although important, they’re not the main attraction to this crazy collector’s garden space. Lawns will be mowed regularly and hanging baskets watered as and when, but the main project that’s on this gardener’s mind is where to put the rock garden/water feature that will become the backdrop to his gnome menagerie.

Tidy Trooper

Again, another committed gardener but not quite the adventurer. You make great efforts to tidy and trim your outdoor growth but you are more interested in upholding a respectable lawn rather than one that will wow passers-by. If you are not mowing any visible growth, then you are out with the clippers, snipping away at any stray twigs. You may one day venture out of your comfort zone and bloom into a pruning warrior, but for now you are reasonably happy with your efforts as ‘bush barber’.

Outdoor Craftsman

This is the gardener that wants to make the house exterior homelike too. Woodwork is your best friend and you utilise space with expertise. Family and friend visits are frequent and having a sunny retreat where you can enjoy their company is of utmost importance to you. Your garden has the entire works, from a varnished patio, to a fitted bench and maybe even a hammock or two. Summer houses are an on-going craze and you make sure you get your money’s worth every sunny season, whether you’re kicking back with a book or throwing a small party.

Passive Gardener

Despite what they say, you are adamant: you are not lazy, you just like the natural look. You’re partial to a bit of growth. An overgrown bush is the least of your worries; in fact, you prefer the dense, wild jungle that surrounds your home. Your love for clutter in the home has not remained indoors and you much prefer a flourishing lawn to one that’s completely spartan.

No matter your gardening likes and dislikes, you’re bound to fit in somewhere in the spectrum of gardening personalities. What are your lawn-tending traits? Do you like to hack away at pesky overgrowth or prefer to let nature take its course? Comment below to have your say!